Beyond Facebook- Thankful to Mark and Technology.

I have always had an urge to pen a thankful note to Mark Zuckerberg for having presented us the unique Facebook application that has reconnected and connected people across the world.

Few decades ago, I would spend my summer holidays with my Aunt and Cousins in Chennai away from my small home town near Mumbai and one could find me hovering near the Gates desperately waiting for the letters from a bunch of friends back in Mumbai. This was the only connectivity I had to my world and precious more than life, nothing else really mattered!!!!

In pursuit of the word called “Living”, I realized that I have lost the whereabouts of my dearest Friends, Teachers, Mentors and few other important people who had mattered to me the most!!!!  I had lost their address and the phone numbers and then a desperate hunt begins in finding them.

One of the crucial Tools that I am indebted to in finding many of my lost ones is the Friendly “Facebook”. The Website has the unique feature of tracing people by using the various search option. It is also the most popular Social Website across all ages, in which people have shared their sorrows to pinnacle of joy, from birth to death, from promotions to depression and so on.

 Mark has beautifully blended the essence of Human Relations with the Technology and has given the world a “Web World” to stay touch.

The World is literally connected and has shrunk in size!!!

Today Facebook has gradually evolved into much more than just posting and sharing of photos and news. Today it has emerged as a strong platform for Socio- Eco Causes, Arts & Entertainment, Science and Technology and also commercially helping Organizations & Entrepreneur in their business .

And as I pen this today, I get a Friend suggestion from Facebook, whom I have not heard since 1986!!!! That’s more than 3 decade Wow!! Hats off to you Mark and Facebook!!!!


Travel Diaries -Part I

Doha-Our Next Home

Doha, our next home!!!

Folks, this is my maiden blogging, this blog is dedicated to my Blogger Cousin- Ramesh Ramachandran-, who has inspired me to start penning!!! Thanks in advance for your support. Hope this continues…

-A place that has been my home for nearly a decade!!

The place which has Beauty, Love and Warmth though ranked as the richest county in the World!! Where Peace and Progress prevails!!! HAIL QATAR, A HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!

My Son, Aniruddh and I landed here exactly on the 11th December 2010.  We were both reluctant to leave our cozy little nest and our dear Friends & Relatives. It was terrible leaving my Mother dearest and my TINY TOT Sister. Never the less we had to join my Husband who was away from us in Qatar for the past few years.

So off we started to an unknown Destination, to a strange place to spend the next phase of our lives with perfect strangers.

Our Maiden Voyage to Qatar by “Jet Airways” landed us in Doha by wee hours of midnight.  One cannot forget the warm and grand welcome arranged by my Husbands Colleagues cum buddies. We had a Second round of fantastic meals (earlier in- flight meals) specially cooked by strangers who later became our-“Friends for Life”.

On our second day in Doha, as we walked for our Lunch, we were shocked to find that we were the only SOULS walking around in the December Winter, rest of them were flying by- in their huge cars!!!

Our Lunch was at “Garden Restaurant”in Najma.  We were literally shocked and delighted to find authentic South Indian and North Indian food being served.

For Indians, heart will always remains where the good food is!!!!!  For Indians are the best foodies in the World!!! We love to cook, eat, drink and feed others!!!

We realized that we are really going to like and love the strange land that would remain our home for the next few years!

More to follow in my next blog—-waiting for your valuable comments..